I’m really excited to share the new single from my forthcoming ‘People of the Sun’ album.

‘On the Move’ is yet another work of complex genius from composer/producer Jason Yarde, this was one of the most difficult songs to play for the band, and for me to find a way into, lyrically. It was like a knot, but eventually I did find a way in. The lyrics are based on the idea that in the Caribbean the sensation of being is so heightened that everything seems to happen at the same time, in a kind of simultaneous narrative. Ideas and images are occurring quickly and almost on top of each other in this song…travelling between the South of France, Trinidad and the cosmos here…flying.

Album out: September 21 – Pre-order here: https://idol.lnk.to/People_of_the_Sun]

More info: FIP

UK Video Premiere: https://www.songlines.co.uk

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