poisonenginepress, reprinted 2005

I wrote teragatonTeragaton during a year long period of experimentation with the language of the unconscious. I was searching for some true text, some hidden, profound and honest text, at the same time I was conscious of rhythm and form when poems were assembled on the page, respectful of poetry. My influences–cubist poetry, William Carlos Williams, Pound, the Beats, Ginsberg, Black Mountain poets like Olson, Wilson Harris, Monk, Bukowski, Baraka, Dorothea Brande, Negritude, and then I discovered surrealism. And it is this that shapes that text. The title was something my late mother whispered to me in a dream, whilst walking backwards up a hill.(Interview, 2005)

Anthony Joseph’s postmodern linguistic experimentation, exemplifies many of the practices associated with radical 20th century avant-garde movements.Joseph’s poetry imaginatively extends in a diasporic context a trajectory of experimentalist influences including dada, surrealism, Russian Formalism, Negritude, Beats, Language Poetry, and various contemporary African American and diasporic innovators including Kamau Brathwaite, Ted Joans, Amiri Baraka and Wilson Harris.
Dr Lauri Ramey