Drum Song - Live at The Jazz Cafe, London 26.11.16

Last night was special. Its always an achievement to pack out a headlining gig

at one of the hottest venues in your home city, and last night we did that,

at the Jazz Cafe in London.

Here's some raw video shot by our friend, the lovely Adelina Iliev

A mighty, mighty band...

15241782_10153964979986283_5342427588737997528_n Pic by Mark Wall

Roger Raspail - Percussion, congas, Ka
Christian Arcucci - Guitar
Anthony Joseph - Vocals
Eddie Wakili Hick - Drums
Andrew John - bass
Denys Baptiste - Saxophones
Byron Wallen - Trumpet

On Tour in November


(Click the dates for more info)

9 Nov - Club Bonafide, New York
12 Nov - Grounds, Rotterdam
18 Nov - Le Sonambule, Gignac
24 Nov - Martinique Jazz Festival, Martinique
26 Nov - Jazz Cafe, London
29 Nov - Le Bikini, Toulouse