Anthony Joseph – Vocals
Andrew John – Bass, backing vocals
Christian Arcucci – Guitars, backing vocals
Colin Webster – Tenor Saxophone
Michel Castellanos – Drums
Oscar Martinez – Congas & Latin Percussion
Richard Olatunde Baker – Talking Drums & African Percussion, Steel Pan
Malcolm Catto – Misc Percussion
Ollie Parfitt – Moog, Synth and Keyboards
Shabaka Hutchings – Baritone Saxophone, Bass Clarinet
Robin Hopcraft – Trumpet
David Kadumukasa – Cello
Olly Buxton – Bassoon
Backing vocals:
Yinka Oyewole
Andrew John
Adrian Owusu
Jasnett Lindo

Produced by Malcolm Catto & Jerry Dammers (Generations) in London, 2011

…with each album he’s getting stronger, stranger, bolder. His third album sees him succumb wholly to the hypnotic rhythms as clarinets and  trumpets screech and skronk, flutes fly, guitars scream and percussion clatters. It makes for a set of incredibly strong liberation songs.
– Mojo Magazine ****


Some seriously raw funk. Joseph intones funny, funky Gil Scott Heron-ish rhymes as his Spasm band – featuring tenor sax, wah wah guitar, bass and bongos produces a remarkable racket, flirting with Ethiopian Jazz, Nigerian afrobeat and James Brown’s garage funk.
– Uncut Magazine


An intensely challenging, yet gloriously rewarding volume of spiritual tales. A place where the parables, pitfalls, redemption and affirmation of life are rapped-chanted-sung-slam-stitched together with Voodoo funk, Rastafarian revelation, bayou blues, calypso rhythms and unbridled free jazz movement.
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Warm, elegant and accomplished, this new offering reunites the manifold musical identities of the African diaspora over twelve tracks. Here, spoken word lyrics, inspired horns and layered grooves conjure up some sacred syncretic dreams, evoking fabled free spirits like Gil Scott-Heron or The Last Poets. Sincerity shines through, and this sharp wordsmith and his impeccable Spasm Band touch the motherlode on this trip to the heart of Great Black Music.
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