engines300Engines – Brzzvll ft. Anthony Joseph
CD, digital and Limited Edition Vinyl (Zephyrus Records,Vynilla Vinyl)

I met the Brzzvll in Antwerp, 2012, at one of Mourad Bekkour’s Nuff Said events where they are the house band. They are an incredible band who have worked together for many years, developing an almost telephatic interaction which is as soulful as it is technically brilliant. Is that Jazz? It is. About 18 months ago, after a few more collaborations, we went into their studio in Antwerp and recorded this album, in a one day improvisational session. You can hear this sense of freedom, this searching quality in the music, none of which had been written prior to the session. The poems were chosen on the spot, some improvised, some pulled together from disparate sources. They even got me to sing! I’m really proud of this album, my second of 2014! There is an honesty to it, some raw emotions in there, and the band swing very hard. I’m especially in love with ‘Liverpool Highlands’, a poem I wrote for my grandfather on his death, but which also addresses the resonance of slavery.

Anthony Joseph / vocals & lyrics
Vincent Brijs / baritone saxophone, percussion
Andrew Claes / tenor saxophone, ewi, percussion
Geert Hellings / guitars, banjo
Dries Laheye / bass
Maarten Moesen / drums, percussion
Jan Willems / keys
Cathy Van Houcke / backing vocals on ‘Liquor Store’
Recorded at studio Kip Kaas in Mortsel, Antwerp.

Listen to the album at www.brzzvll.com