I’m really excited to share the new single from my forthcoming ‘People of the Sun’ album. ‘On the Move’ is yet another work of complex genius from composer/producer Jason Yarde, this was one of the most difficult songs to play for the band, and for me to find a way into, lyrically. It was like a knot, but eventually I did find a way in. The lyrics are based on

Some great shots from our show at Rudolstadt Festival, Germany http://barkafabianova.net/fotogalerie/2017Rudolstadt/Samstag/AnthonyJoseph/ Thanks to Barka Fabianova, great work.

We had a great, historic show recently at Jazz Refreshed. Its the first time I’ve seen sweat on the floor after a gig…the walls, yes, but the floor? Incredible. It was a rare London show, the first of the new tour, so we came to work with a mighty band. Anthony Joseph: Vocals Jason Yarde: Alto/Soprano sax/Percussion Shabaka Hutchings – Tenor Saxophone Christian Arcucci – Guitar Andrew John – Bass

Its been a long time coming but here it is. Thanks to Graham Stannard for putting it all together. Here’s the first single from my new album ‘Caribbean Roots’ which is released in May. More info soon. See FIP’s article on the song and forthcoming album